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Canvas Size: 8x12" (20x30cm) Canvas
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Work With Our Artists!

Have a better idea for a portrait, Or just want our artists to come up with something new? We can do that! 

🎨 Fusing Comedy, Originality, and Your Pet into a Hilarious Portrait 🐶❤️

We connect people through laughtersmiles, and the love we all share for our 4 legged friends! 

Today You can Have a Personalized Chef Themed Portrait of Your Pet Created and delivered to you in no time!

I Want a Completely Custom Themed Portrait!!

How do I make this happen??

  1. All you need to do is submit a flattering photo of your pet to us! (click that "Choose Image" button!)
Afterwards an artist will begin working their magic to create a one of a kind portrait featuring your pet!
Trust us, we know exactly how excited you are (We've all had one made for our pets too!) so we will make sure to keep you posted throughout the entire process!

      NOTE: You don’t need a $10,000 camera, most smart phones do the trick just fine! 

      What Can I Expect When My Pet's Portrait is Delivered?

      First of all, you're going to want to be sitting down because when you unwrap your pet's portrait you are going to be speechless. (If this is a gift, we highly recommend recording their Priceless reaction! 😂)
      You can expect your sturdy canvas to last well over a century! (Imagine your pet's portrait becoming a family heirloom and being passed down 😆) All of our canvases are hand stretched and come with build in wall hangers so you can hang your pet's unique portrait above that mantel ASAP!
      You can also expect to have undisputed bragging rights over your family, friends, and friends of friends. Seriously, Your pet is going to look amazing up there!

        Our Promise to you!

        • Well educated, meticulous, and passionate about animals. You can be sure our artists will treat your pet's portrait as if it was their own! We can Promise that your DogeFace Print will look natural and realistic.
        • We guarantee that when you hang your pet's personalized masterpiece above the mantel, you will love it fur-ever!! Not to mention that this glorious masterpiece featuring your beloved furry friend will make for the purr-fect gift! (Although you may be tempted to keep it for yourself.)
        • On Time but Never Rushed! We make sure to have your pet's Portrait delivered on time or the shipping is free!

        What Happens After I Place my Order?

        1. After you place your order, one of our artist will contact you via email and ask you questions about what you are looking to have designed

        2. Once we make a decision on what we want to create, your designated artist will begin working on your order.

        3. Throughout the design process we will send you updates to make sure we are on the right track design wise! 

        If you have any other questions, give us a bork at Woof@DogeFace.com. We don't bite! 

        How Long do Custom Themes Take to Create? 

        Creation takes 7-21 days depending on how busy we are, your communication speed, and project scope.  

          Warning: Your pet may get a big head and develop an ego...

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